Scout 365 Inflatable Kayak


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Scout 365 Inflatable Kayak

Scout 365 is a total solution for all bodies of water. It’s the only small inflatable kayak designed for exploration that also transforms into a legitimate Fly-Casting machine and extraordinary bird blind/camping boat.

  • Overall Length: 12’ fully inflated
  • Outboard range: 3.5 HP rated
  • Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Set-up in under 10 minutes
  • Use like a kayak or powered boat
  • Incredible stability
  • Compact and portable
  • Scout 365 exclusive design features
  • Single person handling
  • 2-year warranty

The Scout 365 is a crossover of dory fishing boats, kayaks, and an inflatable boat all rolled up into one. The unique design provides you with the best lightweight, durable, and compact kayak. The high bow with the flat bottom offers incredible stability and allows you to navigate shallow waters. You can fly fish standing up, cast like a pro, and never lose stability. Combined with a small outboard motor the Scout 365 moves through the water with even more ease.


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dark gray, red, orange, blue, yellow, black, camo


Overall Length 12′
Width 3 1/2′
Total Weight 68 lbs
Rec. Outboard 3.5 HP, Short Shaft
Max HP 3.5 HP (4 stroke)
Capacity 1-3 people or 500 lbs


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